Creating services for you to create client value.

From idea to automated service to client value.

SCLPTR.BIZ is a team of services design experts and app developers who focus on clients of clients.

We design your services for client value. Then we test them, develop apps for them, and train all staff.

Client-value first.

The main focus is creating value for your clients. They pay the bills. You want them coming back for more, over and over again. So they come first.

Typical clients.

The typical clients of SCLPTR.BIZ are in a specific services industry – or they are used to manufacturing products, to which they are now adding services:

  • Consultancy and Advisory Firms.
  • Industrial Services Providers.
  • IT Development Companies.
  • Financial and Legal Services Providers.
  • Vendors of Servitized Products.

Typical partners.

SCLPTR.BIZ prefers to partner with advisory and transformation coaching services providers, who put our clients DNA in client-value mode first.

Apps to ease your life.

In the meantime, our app developers develop those win-win apps that a majority of services business need, in order to capture and create client value.

Client-focus is our nature.

Since we are created by our investor Quarturn, the DNA of our company is to focus on value capture – both for our clients, as for the clients of our clients.