First client.

IDlegcy asks us to design their GDPR scans and advisory services, and help them create an online tool for their consultancy partners, to ease the online ordering, the staff training, and the client support of these services.

Author: Jan Lagast

Impact Creator | Vision Architect | CEO of Idlegcy Impact Creator - I strive towards creating impact on the way we work, and on the way we live. Money is not a goal, it is the result of impact. Vision Architect - I see great opportunities and disruptive innovations, where other people only see complex challenges and impossibilities. CEO of Idlegcy - The purpose of Idlegcy is to give every individual the control over their own personal data. Today, this is my main focus. Why get in touch? Because you’d like to work or partner with me, co-invest with me, or you are looking for a keynote speaker on impact.