First client.

IDlegcy asks us to design their GDPR scans and advisory services, and help them create an online tool for their consultancy partners, to ease the online ordering, the staff training, and the client support of these services.

Author: Jan Lagast (Quarturn)

Vision Architect creating and building new ventures that encourage valuable H2H-interactions. Let me be honest. I have a very bad habit. I cannot stop dreaming, thinking, and creating. The good news is that I love to share my ideas. Definitely when those ideas could make Human-2-Human interactions more valuable. I share those ideas via Quarturn and via Vaikneri: >> Quarturn builds software and provides services that help transform mid-sized established companies into successfull future-oriented businesses. The Quarturn ecosystem consists of advisory companies, business services providers, and software vendors that share the same ‘Quarturn’ vision. Read more on >> Vaikneri creates new companies that make the planet a more silent place. The Vaikneri ecosystem consists of passionate people who want to co-create successful global businesses that reduce noise, and increase silence. Read more on And yes, I am dreaming of a third way to share even more ideas. Who knows? The future will tell.