SCLPTR.BIZ offers advisory and app development services to design and automate your services offering.

  • Client-value and value-chain mapping: we start from this initial service so that both your and our team clearly understands what client value we are after.
  • Service design from acquisition to value delivery: we help you define the entire end-to-end services process of your services expert, from the first customer acquisition initiative all the way to value confirmation, and process improvement.
  • Acquisition process app development: we design and develop the web app that helps you acquire new customers and stimulates them to enter the right data to start right away in the right way.
  • Services expert app development: we design and develop the apps that are going to be used by your services experts. Ready for them to help their clients capture value.
  • Services client app development: we also take care of the apps that can be used by your clients to capture the value that is contained in your services.
  • Services experts training: and of course, we help your experts discover the apps, and use them for the benefits of your clients.

If you believe we can be helpful to your services business, do get in touch with us via jan.lagast at