Baby shower.

Today, we presented the SCLPTR.BIZ project at the meet & greet gathering of fans and friends of Quarturn (Participium CVBA). We feel that it is still a difficult project to sell. It is situated on a very abstract level, and that makes it hard to communicate. Thanks to the valuable feedback, we now start to better understand how to change the pitch. At least the colourful logo got a lot of positive feedback ;-).

We are alive.

Christmas and New Year have passed already after we created SCLPTR.BIZ at the end of December. SCLPTR.BIZ is a creation of Quarturn (Participium CVBA), who has co-invested in the share capital together with a small group of private investors, who believe this project will disrupt the way services businesses are going to be created and operated in the future.

We’ll keep you posted of the evolutions of this little baby.